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I am trying to monitor a directory using inotify and I am registering for ALL the events. Now, I have a requirement in my project to track any MOVE_SELF operations performed on the directory, so that I should be able to detect to which new location has the monitored directory moved to. To achieve this I am storing a reference of open file-descrptor (int fd) of the monitored directory and when I get a MOVE_SELF, I try to get the new path using:

//code to store a reference of file-descrptor of the monitored sirectory
fd = open(watchPath.c_str(), O_RDONLY)    

//code to learn the new location of the moved directory
char fdpath[4096];
char path[4096];

sprintf(fdpath, "/proc/self/fd/%d", fd);
ssize_t sz = readlink(fdpath, path, sizeof(path) - 1); //Path will contain the new location after the move happens

But the side effect of this is, in case I delete the directory, I do not get DELETE_SELF event, because there is still an open file descriptor that I am holding. Could anyone suggest me on how to get around this issue?

Thanks, -Sandeep

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where are you invoking inotify_add_watch? – Sam Miller Sep 19 '13 at 17:52
inotify_add_watch is being called after the init() function and I am making sure to register for all events, especially IN_DELETE and IN_DELETE_SELF. I am really spending lot of time but not able to find why is IN_DELETE_SELF not caught. Hope I get it answered. – Sandeep Sep 22 '13 at 7:00

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