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I'd like to document Java EE components that we create. Our ant scripts have targets to build them all. I was wondering if there is anything like "javadoc" for an ant script. In other words, I could annotate the ant targets:

<target name="some.war'>
      This war file provides the user interface for the foo application.

Does this even seem like a good idea? Maybe I'm better off creating a regular document.

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Ant has a description tag:

 <target name="some.war">
           This war file provides ...

I think that is as good as it gets. I think it is a good idea and use it all the time. Most tasks have description attribute as well, which is good for short descriptions.

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At the build script level, you could use the description attribute of a <target>:

<target name="some.war" 
 description"This war file provides the user interface for the foo application.">

But, more important, be sure these details are provided in the <description> element of the web.xml of a WAR and/or the application.xml of an EAR.

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