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Other than pasting a WDSL in the tech spec, what are the recommended ways to document a WCF web-service before you begin coding?

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We recently published a WCF based SOAP interface for third parties to integrate against. For each method we provided the following:

  • Method name
  • Request example (wire format dump)
  • Request parameters explanation
  • Response example (wire format dump)
  • Request parameters explanation
  • Caveats (gotchas)
  • History

We also provide the WSDL. You may want to use Microsoft's Disco.exe for doing this. See also a related question about obtaining the WSDL.

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Document the contract interface as you would document any other interface. Describe the operations, pre-conditions, post-conditions, reasons for throwing a fault, etc.

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Also, in case you're using MessageContracts document why you are using them... trust me, you'll wonder why you did it :)

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  • Describe service endpoints and available protocols/binding. e.g. Https, RESTful?
  • Security features, authentication, authorization and encryption.
  • Explain the use cases of parameters in operation contract.
  • Hosting, IIS, WindowsService or Console application.
  • Instancing of the service.
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