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We need to show our disabled comboboxes as an image. The image has the same height as the standard combobox, but for some reason it cannot override the borders of the combobox.

Instead, it end up looking like this:


We would like them look like this image, i.e. that the image is shown on top of everything - including the combobox borders:


Any ideas?


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First of all, what you are trying sounds really dirty - the best way would be, if your ComboBox would just look like your image as soon as you disable it!

If there is really no other way:

Create a PictureBox in front of your ComboBox. Set the image as the PictureBox's image, make it Visible whenever you want to "disable" your ComboBox.

But again, using controls to simulate behaviour you would expect to be part of another control is dirty.

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Genius. That helped a lot - and I agree, it's better this way. –  user2500179 Sep 19 '13 at 10:45

Get the location of you textbox, set it invisible, then a the same location place an imagebox

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