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As simple as the title says.

I have a bunch of scripts that work over some javascript code and should execute that code when pressing a button. I use the eval function to do that and it works fine on:


Surprisingly this doesn't work on Firefox and if I open the console here is the error I get: [12:17:58.447] ReferenceError: undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined is not defined

Any idea on how to make it work even on FF?

EDIT. here's the code I use. so much to work on!

function exec_code() {
   var code= document.getElementById("code").innerText;
   eval (code);
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No, we have no idea how to make the code we can't see work on Firefox. (But if you are using eval then you are probably doing something highly sub-optimal anyway). –  Quentin Sep 19 '13 at 10:34
don't be so nervous.. look at the code and be a little bit more kind the next time. I don't really know how that 2 lines of code can be helpful. Since everything work fine everywhere I really doubt that the problem is the code! –  Jannuzzo Sep 19 '13 at 10:41
Yes. So much to work on. What is the value of code? and where does exec come from? –  Quentin Sep 19 '13 at 10:42
Really hard to tell what you're trying to do with this, but are you sure you really need to use eval()? –  Spudley Sep 19 '13 at 11:06

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Firefox doesn't support the non-standard innerText property.

You can establish this by testing the value of code before you pass it to exec. It will be undefined.

Use something else to get your data.

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