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So currently all my collections and models comes from a server rest api and works fine.

Im using the latest Backbone.localStorage.js

Now I want a couple of models to only save to localStorage. Im not sure what I need to do here, this is what I have for the model and collecection that I want to use only localstorage with..

class Upload extends Backbone.Model
class Uploads extends Backbone.Collection
    localStorage: new Backbone.LocalStorage 'uploads'
    initialize: =>
        @model = Upload
    sync:(method, model, options) =>
        return Backbone.localSync.call(model, method, model, options)

So ny collection is always empty after doing

model = new Upload(name:foo)
collection = new Uploads
console.log collection shows it has one model here, but logging on the sync overide its empty again
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Not sure how to get the collection to sync, but you can call model.save() to add it to localStorage. Just add the "localStorage: new Backbone.LocalStorage 'uploads'" line to your Upload model first.

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