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Earlier my website is on Windows server but now migrated main domain to Linux with Wordpress. I do have one blog ( ) as well on .aspx but I want to migrate it to wordpress. That blog have many links and post, which i dont want to loose. Is there any solution for migrating blog from .aspx to wordpress without loosing links, content, comments and urls.

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Setting up a migration plan is always a pain in the ass. BUT, it's always possible when you have the data stored somewhere.

Look at the old format and the new format of wordpress, then you have to create a migration of data from one structure to another. This can be done in MANY ways, some do it in excel and create a CSV and import it in their MySQL database, others write a php code to find old content, change the structure and store it in the new format to the new database.

There are many ways, and to be honest I don't think anyone will come up with a ready-to-use code for you, I think you have to make your own migration plan. Good luck!

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