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Does anyone know where i can view a sample PDF that has an embedded flash video? I know it's silly to ask because you would think any tech-oriented user should be able to find one using Google but I really could not.

Another question I have is, how hard would it be to embed a flash video into a PDF file using an API in C#? One possible requirement I may have is to generate a PDF on the fly with all required content available at hand (ie: text, images and potentially video).

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Here from Technology Review, TR 35

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hope you found the link adequate? – Digital Craft Studios Dec 13 '09 at 9:15

AlivePDF is worth a look if you're working with PDF's in flash

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You could use pdflatex to generate the pdf's on the fly and using the movie15 package embed the flash video (or other types of video). An example with embedded video is here.

iText is Java library with C# port for pdf generation and it appears possible to embed flash.

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