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Say I have multiple tables (no IDs or names) on a page at various levels within embedded divs. What would my selector be (if it is possible) to select all tables regardless of where it resides on a page and iterate or filter the tables based on the content of the first cell in the first row?

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6 – just somebody Dec 11 '09 at 17:09
Don't just start using a library. Read the documentation first. DUH! – Josh Stodola Dec 11 '09 at 17:10

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You can simply use $('table') as your selector.

Then you can use the existing filters such as ":contains" or ":has", or the .filter() function if you need more finegrained control over in filtering your results. For example,

$('table:has(td > span)')


  return $(this).html() == "<tr><td>something</td></tr>";
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You can get every table by just using jQuery('table'). Whether the tables are in various levels or embedded within divs or whatever doesn't change.

To do additional filtering:

jQuery('table').filter( function() { ... } );

The passed in function will map the table element to this, and you would need to return true to keep it in your collection, or false to discard it.

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I was typing nearly the same thing – Sander Rijken Dec 11 '09 at 17:11
you can use $(this).find("td:first") to get at the first tablecell, and then perform filtering logical (return true or false) – Sander Rijken Dec 11 '09 at 17:12


  var curTable = $(this);
  var cell = $(this).find("tr:first td:first");

  if ($(cell).text() == "some text"){

alternatively you could all check the html of the first cell in the if clause by $(cell).html()

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To select all tables couldn't be simpler:


Adding a filter

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This will select all the tables:


This will select the first TD cell of the first row of each table:

$("table tr:first td:first")
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     $(this).find('tr :first')...
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If you are wanting to look at the first cell in the first row of each table you can use:

$("table tr:first td:first").each(function() { var html = this.innerHTML; /* Iterative logic here */ });

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You should try something like $('table tr:first td:first:containts("whatever")') to grab the first cell of the first row with specific content.

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