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I have a problem with Web Service written in C# (using Visual Studio 2012, Target Framework - 4.0, if that matters). Here I give you an example of how I call another web service, written in PHP:

shop_control Sklep = new shop_control();
Sklep.Timeout = 30000000;
result1 = Sklep.getClientAddressList(strParam);

shop_control is proxy class generated using wsdl.exe.

This web service runs on Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP2; IIS 6.0. In inetmgr, there is set timeout limit for my website = 36000 seconds. But still, when i test my web service using auto-generated test-page and it gives me timeout message after 2 minutes or so. If I changed timeout in C# code and in inetmgr and it still gives timeout errors; where else should I change timeout value?

//ok, i solved my problem I just had to add: to web.config file, section

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