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I need suggestion on some python module that can draw workflow layouts just like http://jsplumbtoolkit.com/home/jquery.html.

There is a basic qt example \PyQt4\examples\graphicsview\diagramscene in python but it lacks many things like input/output boxes in items, mouse controls are not good.One has to click on line tools to draw connection and then click on other button to drag objects etc.

enter image description here

graphviz There is an option of www.graphviz.org but since one can not compile an application with graphviz, I don't want to use wrappers like pydot, yapgvb and pygraphviz. I don't want my applciation be dependant on graphviz being installed.

Let me know if there is a way so that i can use graphviz and when i compile my application, Others users don't have to install graphviz with my compiled app.

There are man ysolutions available for web/ Javascript But Python seems to lack modules for flowcharts. Kindly suggest.

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