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I have 2 text fields: "Earnings" and "Deductions",earnings has some components like HRA,Basic pay etc and deductions also has some..

I have another 2 text fields "Total Earnings" and "Total Deductions"

Total Earnings = earning component1 + earning component2

Total Deductions = deduction component1 + deduction component2

What i want is i need to write two functions for showing the results in Total Earnings and Total Deductions.I mean if i enter the values for "Earnings" and "deductions", those should automatically reflect in "Total Earnings" and "Total Deductions"

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You just need to set the keyup function for the textbox.

 <script type="text/javascript">
   function setval()
      document.getElementById('totearng').value = document.getElementById('earng').value;
      document.getElementById('totdedtn').value = document.getElementById('dedtn').value;
     Earning : <input type="text" id='earng' onkeyup="setval()"/><br/>
     Deduction : <input type="text" id='dedtn' onkeyup="setval()"/><br/>
     Total Earning : <input type="text" id='totearng'/><br/>
     Total Deduction : <input type="text" id='totdedtn'/>
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thank you,,, but the sum should automatically display, not the values... – Pavan Sep 20 '13 at 5:15

use javascript for calculation

function cal()
//calculation part here
//var total_earning = your result

//Earnings textbox
document.getElementById(textfield_name1).value = total_earning;

document.getElementById(textfield_name2).value = total_earning;
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<!DOCTYPE html>
function displayResult()
    var x=(document.getElementById("deduction").value);
    var y=(document.getElementById("collection").value);

    Deduction: <input type="text" id="deduction" onchange="displayResult()">
    Collection: <input type="text" id="collection" onchange="displayResult()">
    Total:<input type="text" id="total">

Try like this

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Have ur fields accordingly I have just shown a working demo – Amit Kumar Sep 19 '13 at 12:59
Thank you for ur code.. but when entering the values for Earnings,they should only reflect in Total earnings but not in Total Deductions also... and vice versa... – Pavan Sep 19 '13 at 13:07

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