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I have msbuild file for building my solution. I have referred some paths in the script which will be created while running some of my previous scripts. For eg. I have referred say "C:\SomePath" in Line 5 of my msbuild file. Actually Line 3 of my build script is going create that directory.

The problem is (I guess) while i execute the .msbuild file it does a whole file parsing before executing the scripts. As a result, it finds that "C:\Somepath" doesn't exists and so error occurs. Can some one help me with this problem on how i could include some scripts before my actual parsing of .msbuild happens? I have tried using BeforeBuild, DependsOn. All those will run before running my actual script, but what i am looking is even before my file gets parsed i need some scripts to be run.

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Please post a minimal msbuild file that we can use to reproduce the problem. As it stands now your question is too vague to answer. –  stijn Sep 20 '13 at 7:14

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