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I have an array of variables. And I want one variable to equal the previous one. For example:

var myVars = {
    var1: "test",
    var2: var1


//output: var1 is not defined

Any thoughts? I'm sure this is some sort of variable scope limitation. I would like to hear otherwise. Thanks in advance.

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You cannot refer to the same object literal in an expression without using a function, I would recommend you to use the equivalent syntax:

var myVars = {};

myVars.var1 = "test",
myVars.var2 = myVars.var1;
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Perfect thanks. I actually resorted to this method. I was just hoping my above mentioned method would work. Guess not! –  JustinBull Dec 11 '09 at 18:50


var myVar = "test";

var myArr = {
    var1: myVar,
    var2: myVar
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I am trying to keep all variables inside a single object for name-space reasons. This does not work in my situation. –  JustinBull Dec 11 '09 at 19:38
Right in that case you need to wrap all necessary variables in an object, like what CMS suggested. Just a note that you can also declare the array as object: var myVars = new Object(); myVars.var1 = "test"; myVars.var2 = myVars.var1; –  Jay Zeng Dec 11 '09 at 19:53
What array? There are no arrays being used here. –  Justin Johnson Dec 12 '09 at 7:56
var myVars = {
    var1: "test",
    var2: this.var1


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this is bound to the function-context, has nothing to do with the myVars instance –  CMS Dec 11 '09 at 17:24

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