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Hi, I have a 2 textboxes (#from and #to), with a date-range between them. DateRange Datepicker

E.g. #from I select 10 October 2014 (The current popups show October,November,December)

Now at this stage the #to textbox has no value, when you click on the textbox, it shows from October 2014 which is absolutely perfect this is what I need. (I know this is because of the code in on onClose event as in the hyperlink).

The problem is that if I select e.g. December 2014 now in #to, and it closes, and I open #to again, it then shows December,January,February.

The requirement is that the user needs to not look forward in #to but he needs to see that the range was from October 2014 to December 2014 - and thus needs to see the three months on the screen as October,November, December and not the default 3 months that the jQuery UI Datepicker shows after a date has been selected.

Is it possible to set the first month that a 3 month calender has to display?

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Could you post your code or set up a jsFiddle and explain more precisely which restriction do you expect in the #to. E.g. 10 October is selected on the #from, do you want the #to to be restrected to 10 October - 10 January (that is to say selectedDate + 3 month) ? You can restrict the minDate/maxDate in the #to based on the value selected in the #from –  —Źden Oct 3 '13 at 23:57

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