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I would like a constraint on a SQL Server 2000 table column that is sort of a combination of a foreign key and a check constraint. The value of my column must exist in the other table, but I am only concerned with values in the other table where one of its columns equal a specified value. The simplified tables are:

part_number  varchar(30)
quantity     int

part_number  varchar(30)
type         char(1)

So I want to ensure the part_number exists in inventory_master, but only if the type is 'C'. Is this possible? Thanks.

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You could use an INSTEAD OF INSERT trigger to emulate that behaviour.

Check value existence when an insert is about to occur.

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You could use a trigger on INSERT and UPDATE statements which would ensure the integrity

CREATE TRIGGER syntax: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189799.aspx

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