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I am using Sony Xperia L, so was trying to test flashing stock rom without unblocking bootloader.

Thus, Flashtool was needed whose source is present at this link:https://github.com/Androxyde/Flashtool

I opened the project in Eclipse and started building the project using Ant in order
-> build.xml
-> deploy-release.xml

But when I tried to build the third file setup-windows.xml it throwed an error unable to find winjre.zip

I checked the code of setup-window.xml and found that winjre.zip was supposed to be in ./jre folder but instead I found .gitignore file.

I am noob so I don't get what is happening. Please help me with a solution

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You can modify setup-windows.xml.

Change <target name="binaries" depends="clean, main_lib, JRE">

to<target name="binaries" depends="clean, main_lib">

Androxyde has removed the winjre and linuxjre from his repo, so you need a Java environment on your computer.

This tool is not a stock version from Sony.

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Sorry for late. And thanks for usefull reply –  Dr. Xperience Oct 10 '13 at 3:27

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