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In vSphere web client plugin i want to fetch the remotehost and remotepath of the datastore

I created a DataByModelRequest in the mediator class and calling one model from the mediator


    private function requestData():void {
          var requestInfo:DataRequestInfo = new DataRequestInfo(DataUpdateSpec.newImplicitInstance());

       var dsdatarequest:DataByModelRequest = DataByModelRequest.newInstance(
           _contextObject, DatastoreDataItem, requestInfo);

   public function onDataRetrieved(request:DataByModelRequest,
                                   result:DatastoreDataItem, error:Error):void {

       if (error != null) {
           _logger.debug("onDataRetrieved error: " + error.message);

       // Assigning the result to variables to update the view.
       _view.dsprop = result;


DatastoreDataItem is my Model Class


public class DatastoreDataItem extends DataObject {

    [Model(relation="info.nas", property="type")]
        public var type:String;

    [Model(relation="info.nas", property="remoteHost")]
        public var remotehost:String;

    [Model(relation="info.nas", property="remotePath")]
        public var remotepath:String;

        public var url:String;

am getting the null value for all fields but name is working fine and i tried [Model(type="NasDatastoreInfo")] also

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The relational syntax you are using doesn't work because the Datastore info is not a managed entity, it's just a property field. The solution is to cast it to the right type of Datastore.Info, i.e. NasDatastoreInfo in your case. Here is the syntax to use in your model:


// The server for NFS datastore

public var nfsServer:String; 


// The folder for NFS datastore

public var nfsFolder:String;

Source : https://communities.vmware.com/thread/457542

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