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I'm setting up a mobile version for a newly created website. It uses iframes to load content from a different folder within the same domain.

On this page, a list is generated with the latest vacancies. The problem is, that for some reason the link button and the actual link are not on top of eachother. Each div in the list pushes its own content a bit further down, until, at the bottom of the page, when you press a link button ('reageer'), the link is shown centimeters lower, and it's not working properly.

After testing, I saw (iphone agent mode on Safari) that each div overlaps the next. Each next div does the same, so at the bottom it adds up to a lot. I've tried floats, positioning, negative margins, but nothing works.

I have no idea how to fix this, or if this is iframe related. Can someone help me out? You can see what I mean here (check on iPhone or Safari/user agent iphone):
-- I've removed the link as this problem is not solved, but a workaround has been created. THe problem seems to be a bug in iOS Safari --

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