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I have 2 questions to put here.

1) I have a checkbox in jqgrid header. Upon checking it, all the checkboxes should be checked and upon unchecking it, all checkboxes should be unchecked. I am struggling to do it. Pls help me out.

2) I have another thing to implement. I haven't set multiseleted:true as it will display checkbox in each row. I have to display checkbox based on some conditions. If the condition satisfies then only checkbox has to appear. (I can't even make it disable. It should be invisible totally). How to control this?

Looking out for help !!

My Jqgrid code is like

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

                url: searchUrl,
                colNames: ['Id', 'Name','Distr Type','Run No','Start Date','End Date','Access Type','Tigress Status','','Last Updated','Source','<input type="checkbox" onclick="checkBoxChecked(event)" />'],
                colModel: [
                            {name:'id', index:'id', hidden : true},
                        //  {name:'season', index:'SEASON', hidden : progHide, width: 80, resizable: false},
                            {name:'name', index:'NAME', width: 120, resizable: false},
                            {name:'distType', index:'DIST_TYPE_NAME', width: 140, resizable: false},
                            {name:'runNo', index:'RUN_NO', hidden : progHide, width: 150, resizable: false},
                            {name:'startDate', index:'B2B_START_DT', width: 90, resizable: false},
                            {name:'endDate', index:'B2B_END_DT', width: 90, resizable: false},
                            {name:'accessType', index:'OVERRIDDEN', width: 80,resizable: false},
                            {name:'act',index:'act', sortable:false, hidden : adminHide, align:"center", width: 80, resizable: false},
                            {name:'lastUpdated',index:'last_updated_dt', hidden : true},
                            {name:'source',index:'source', hidden : true},
                            {name: 'checkbox', index: 'checkbox', editable:true, edittype:'checkbox',align:"center",hidden : adminHide, editoptions: { value:"True:False",defaultvalue:"False"}, formatter: "checkbox", formatoptions: {disabled : false} }
                        datatype : 'json',
                        mtype: 'POST',
                        width: '920',
                        height: 'auto',
                        rownumbers: false,
                        rownumWidth: 40,
                        sortname : 'last_updated_dt',
                        sortorder : 'desc',
                        scrollOffset : 0,
                        toppager: true,
                        rowNum : jqrowNum,
                        rowList : jqRecordsPerPageList,
                        viewrecords : true,
                        gridview : false,
                        cellEdit : false,
                        caption : 'Search Results',
                        hidegrid : false,
                        pager : jQuery('#progAccessSearchResultsPager'),
                        multiselect : false,
                        toolbar: [true,"top,bottom"],
                        jsonReader: { repeatitems : false, id: "0" },
                        gridComplete: function(){

                        var recs = parseInt(jQuery("#progAccessSearchResults").getGridParam("records"),10);
                        if (recs == 0) {
                        else {
            // End jqgrid script
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please show you html.. –  Subhash Sep 19 '13 at 15:18
Hi Subhash, I have edited the post and pasted code. –  Sanjay Malhotra Sep 19 '13 at 15:20

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