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I'm using jquery's autocomplete combobox and have a long list of data (around 1,000 items). The data loads fine from the server, but when I try to expand the drop down list, it takes a few seconds for it to be rendered on the screen. Is there a way to catch the original click event on the drop down and show a loading image until the list of options renders? I tried a few different ways but each time the javascript doesn't execute until after the list of options renders.

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Not sure, but you may do this: insert the load image into a hidden div, when you click on the dropdown show the load image and use $('#yourlist').ready(function(){ }); (api.jquery.com/ready) to HIDE the load image (once yourlist is ready). Not sure if it works, though. Try to give it a shot! –  briosheje Sep 19 '13 at 15:32

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if there is some animation, you can use jQuery .is(':animated') to show loading bar until it will expand.

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