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I know there are many similar questions and I spent a lot of time looking at possible solutions. But I'm still not sure what's the easiest way to do it.

The goal is to show LogItems (timestamp, severity level, message) in a DataGridView sorted by their timestamp and allowing the user to filter the items by severity level.

Here is exactly what I (don't) need:

  • One-way data binding of a DataGridView to a list/collection of objects. No need to edit the objects via DataGridView or to add/remove objects via DataGridView by the user. But the DataGridView should automatically update when I add or remove objects to that underlying list/collection.
  • The objects have a timestamp (DateTime) and should be displayed ordered by this timestamp. I don't care if the list itself keeps them sorted (something like SortedList<T> would be nice, but it doesn't exist) or if the DataGridView or a BindingSource takes care of the sorting. No need for the user to set up sorting by clicking on the column headers.
  • Simple filtering based on the value of a single column (severity).

Here some approaches I came up with:

  • Use a BindingList<T> as the underlying collection doesn't work since it doesn't support sorting and filtering.
  • Wrapping some collection with a BindingSource doesn't help if the underlying collection doesn't support sorting and filtering.
  • Write a custom collection which implements IBindingListView. This looks quite complicated and I need only a subset of the features that IBindingListView provides. And I'm too lazy.
  • Use the BindingListView sourceforge project. This is probably too heavy for what I need and I don't want to rely on third party libraries if I don't have to.

What would be a simple and fast solution for this?

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I'd recommend to use a DataTable. You'll get all you need.

Just make the DataGridView ReadOnly to prevent user editing. it will still update when the underlying DataTable is updated.


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Using a DataTable would be an option, but in the end I decided to use the BindingListView from sourceforge instead and I'm very happy with it.

The problem with the DataTable approach is that it would require to copy all the data from my custom objects into a DataTable just for displaying.

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