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I have deployed a Web service using Apache Came and Apache CXF and "code first" approach. It works fine.

<cxf:cxfEndpoint id="operacionesWSEndpoint" address="/operaciones"

but I want to measure the performance of my service and log it. For that, I use Spring AOP using the following pointcut

@Pointcut("execution(* foo.bar.OperacionesService.*(..))")
public void operacionsMethods() {


public Object logTimeMethod(final ProceedingJoinPoint joinPoint) throws Throwable {

    StopWatch stopWatch =
            new StopWatch(joinPoint.getTarget().getClass().getSimpleName() + "."
                + joinPoint.getSignature().getName());

    Object retVal = joinPoint.proceed();


    log.debug("performance: {}", stopWatch.shortSummary());

    return retVal;

Well, is not working. Other methods and services are being logged using the same approach (AOP), but not the Web Service exposed by Camel.

I don't think there is any error with my code: service is working as well as other aspects. I feel I am missing something here regarding Apache Camel - CXF and Spring AOP and I did not find a similar problem.

Any ideas?

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I haven't tried camel and Spring AOP, but you could use a camel interceptor, as an alternative. This isn't quiet what you wanted. Also, for measuring you could use a 'meter' and Slf4jReporter from the metrics library.

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