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Given tuples like the following which are generated from mysql fetchall calls in a loop...

tuple1 = (('doug', 6), ('fred', 9), ('garth', 3))
tuple2 = (('steve', 3), ('dan', 1))
tuple3 = (('alan', 5), ('tom', 8), ('bob', 3), ('joe', 8))

How can I append each tuple as an entire column into a table (list of lists) like this?

table = [['doug',6,'steve',3,'alan',5],
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Because the lists are of different size, zip() won't be useful here, so we have to implement our own zip-like function that accepts lists with different lengths, filling missing elements with None:

def transpose(lists):
   if not lists: return []
   return map(lambda *row: list(row), *lists)

Next, stick together all the tuples in a single list:

tuple1 = (('doug', 6), ('fred', 9), ('garth', 3))
tuple2 = (('steve', 3), ('dan', 1))
tuple3 = (('alan', 5), ('tom', 8), ('bob', 3), ('joe', 8))
tuples = [tuple1, tuple2, tuple3]

Now the answer is simple, written in terms of list comprehensions:

table = [[y for x in t for y in x or ['']] for t in transpose(tuples)]

The result is as expected:

=> [['doug', 6, 'steve', 3, 'alan', 5],
    ['fred', 9, 'dan', 1, 'tom', 8],
    ['garth', 3, '', 'bob', 3],
    ['', '', 'joe', 8]]

Regarding the question in the comments: how to add a new column to an existing table? here's how:

def addcolumn(table, column):
    tr = transpose([table, column])
    return [(x if x else []) + (list(y) if y else []) for x, y in tr]

Continuing with the example:

tuple4 = (('hewey', 1), ('dewey', 2), ('louie', 3))
addcolumn(table, tuple4)

=> [['doug', 6, 'steve', 3, 'alan', 5, 'hewey', 1],
    ['fred', 9, 'dan', 1, 'tom', 8, 'dewey', 2],
    ['garth', 3, '', 'bob', 3, 'louie', 3],
    ['', '', 'joe', 8]]
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Wow Oscar... you talents are amazing. What if I want to do it with a function "addcolumn", whereby I could now add tuple4 to the existing table? – panofish Sep 19 '13 at 17:21
@panofish Sure thing, take a look at my updated answer. I hope this is useful for you ;) – Óscar López Sep 19 '13 at 19:26
Oscar... you are amazing. That's just what I needed! – panofish Sep 19 '13 at 19:47
If I create an empty table like this table = [] and then use addcolumn to add tuple1... I get an error "unsupported operand type". addcolumn only works when adding to a table that already has data? – panofish Sep 19 '13 at 19:56
Thanks for your time Oscar... it is much appreciated!!! – panofish Sep 19 '13 at 20:22

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