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I have configured apache2 and its working fine- when access http://localhost/ from the browser I am getting the correct response to the browser.

But, when i telnet to one of the client from this server and tried wget http://webserverIP in command line, I am getting this error - wget: can't open 'index.html': File exists

From telnet, i can see, the client can successfully ping the server. Strange is in access.log, I can see response code 200 for the wget command.

The index.html has all the permissions (chmod 777).

Can anyone please tell me why i am getting the error?

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My guess is that on the client (which you have telnetted into), you do not have permission to write the file index.html. It looks like it already exists in your current directory. Please remove the file index.html in your current directory and try again. Please also make sure that you have permission to create files in the directory in which you issue the wget command.

The webserver has clearly sent the file correctly from the 200 response.

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