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I cannot get the library ${static_library} to statically link using CMake. I have tried hard coding the path and as far as I'm aware TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES should link this in automatically.

ADD_LIBRARY(libraryA STATIC ${source_files})
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES(libraryA debug ${static_library})

There is a sub project that links libraryA later in the build

ADD_EXECUTABLE(testA ${test_sources}) 

which has ${static_library} correctly linked in but I need ${static_library} to be directly linked into libraryA.

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What does the project structure look like and what error messages are you getting? Could it be that you are not compiling in debug mode? – ToniBig Sep 19 '13 at 19:21
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You cannot link libraries into libraries directly.

Some compilers allow you to do this (e.g. MS Visual Studio has an option), but others don't, which is why CMake also won't allow it. See this answer for what your options are to deal with this.

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