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I'm working on an online catalog. This catalog has 5 categories. In each category, there are 3 to 5 products. I want each product to have its own web page (URL). I want users to be able to either click left/right arrow icons to go between products or swipe between products on touch-enabled devices. In either case, I want the user to feel like they aren't leaving the category page. If you take a look at http://metro.co.uk you can see the functionality.

I'm using a content management system that allows HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery. I am unable to use any server-side scripting.

I would like a header and footer to remain static. The product page before and the product page after would both be preloaded and the current page would be in the viewport.

Here's a graphic that represents how it might work:

Graphical Representation

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