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I'm looking for a library that implements the following widget:

Dropdown (similar-ish to <select>) where you pick 1 value, onchange fires but the visible "value" is really the label, like a prompt. So it's more like a button when clicked shows a list of values, but otherwise acts like the HTML SELECT. In addition, the width of the widget, when not expanded, should be the width of the label (like "Select Foo: ") not the width of the widest element. And when you click the dropdown again, the selected value is either highlighted or has a check mark next to it.

This is the closest that I've found - Drop Down Checklist - but this library places the value into the select box. I'd like the label to stay as the prompt. And also the Fancy Form has the right kind of look to the selected checkbox or radio button that I'm looking for.

Can you recall a widget or library that has this implemented? Prefer if it was based on jQuery or stand-alone completely.

Thank you.

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ExtJs has something like what I think you are looking for: http://www.extjs.com/deploy/dev/examples/form/combos.html



I think the second example is more like what you are looking for.

Unfortunately, I do not believe you can get these components as standalone. You must get the whole ExtJs framework.

They have a very robust/complete set of events which will allow you to extract the selected value very easily.

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@Brad - thanks for checking into this. 1st link is just styled combos. 2nd linke, the "Button w/menu" is close to what I'm looking for. What does one generally call this thing? Is there a standard name? "Button with menu"? "Checkbox menu"? I've tried all kinds of searches. Too bad its attached to the whole extJs framework. If anyone else knows of one like it (just the widget, not library) please let me know. Thank you. – Vadim Dec 11 '09 at 23:44
Ext calls the first ComboBox. The second, they refer to as Menu. I am not sure what the industry would refer to them as. Perhaps menu with checkbox group? – Brad Dec 12 '09 at 0:17

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