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I'm trying to use restangular as an adapter for rails rest api, but i can't make it work properly. I've downloaded the latest version and put the file in vendor/assets/javascripts folder. But once i try to load the app i get the following error:

Error: Unknown provider: RestangularProvider <- Restangular
    at Error (<anonymous>)
    at Object.getService [as get] (
    at getService (
    at invoke (
    at Object.instantiate (
    at forEach ( 

Here is my application.js file

//= require jquery
//= require bootstrap
//= require suggest.min
//= require angular
//= require underscore
//= require restangular
//= require angular-strap.min
//= require angular-cookies
//= require angular-resource
//= require angular/index

The app is initialized as follows:

angular.module('angularApp', [
angular.module('', [
angular.module('angularApp.resources', [
angular.module('angularApp.directives', []);
angular.module('angularApp.filters', []);
angular.module('angularApp.controllers', []);

var App = angular.module('angularApp', [

There is also a controller which tempts to use restangular without any success

angular.module('angularApp.controllers').controller('CourseListCtrl', [
  '$scope', '$location', 'Restangular', 
  function($scope, $location, Restangular) {"use strict";
    $ = Restangular.all('courses')

What am i doing wrong? It seems i've done everything described in the restangular guide, but still don't understand the reason why it's not working.

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I feel like you define angularApp twice – apneadiving Sep 19 '13 at 18:40
@apneadiving How can i check that? I've searched the project and see only one place where the app is created(I mean where all dependencies are injected). – RomanKapitonov Sep 19 '13 at 18:47
@apneadiving you are right, thanks! – RomanKapitonov Sep 19 '13 at 18:55
cool, posted as an answer then – apneadiving Sep 19 '13 at 19:00
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As per my comment, you're defining the module twice, the second time it overrides your restangular inclusion.

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The second angular.module('angularApp'... overwrites the first one erasing the rectangular dependency.

If you need to reference the angularApp module, do it without brackets, like this:

var App = angular.module('angularApp')
  • With brackets -> module creation
  • Without brackets -> module reference
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