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Is there a way to view vimgrep results in a nice list format .. and quickly go through each result?

I though it was change list / clist but this only seems to list files without letting me go to each.

I know there are two list "buffers" in vim but I forgot how they work and how I can use them to do what I want.


Note: I also know I can use :cnext :cprev

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I now see the answer is to use QuickFix

With the :cope ex command. and then pressing enter on any file.

The other change list and jump list concepts I had in mind turn out to be helpful for viewing history in various forms.

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Is this what you want?


Your answer says you don't want just a list, though? I'm a bit confused by what you're looking for.

You could set up a mapping to take you to the next change with a keystroke. For example, to make the key sequence (space, m) take you to the next result you could do this:

     :noremap <Space>n :cnext<C-m>
     :noremap <Space>p :cprev<C-m>
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You are looking for the Quickfix window that you can use to display and act upon an "error list" or a "location list".

After you have done :vim foo %, use the :cw[indow] command to display the "error list" if there is a match.

This is how you would search for $foo in a whole PHP project and display the results, in one command:

:vim /$foo/ **/*.php | cw
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