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Although Ecmascript 5 introduces some completely new features, it also adds some new methods (bind, trim, map, etc.) which should be perfectly possible to implement (albeit slower) in current versions. Does a library exist which implements these backwards compatible features (and no more, excluding Prototype et. al.)

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Kris Kowal and friends have built the es5-shim. It was part of Narwhal, but now lives on its own:

Was: I've taken to using the global-es5.js shim from narwhal:

you'll have to take out the require("json"); line at the bottom, but other than that, it should be browser-clean.

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This is perfect. I was expecting the ECMAScript committee to have published something like this and for it to be easy to find... But this is the best I've found. – Daniel Earwicker Nov 11 '10 at 15:27

Prototype and Underscore implement a lot of those.

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So, I just gave up and started an ES5 library

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Looks interesting (you're missing var on L364 and L365). – Justin Johnson Dec 13 '09 at 19:14

You might want to check out pulpjs. You can pick the pieces you want to include, and then grab the protocompat module, which will make a bunch of methods available as extensions on the object prototypes.

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