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Here is the scenerio:
The user copies random text with mixed fonts.
How do I determine the font(s) used?
When the text is pasted from the UIPasteboard into a textview it correctly shows the mixed fonts, so I believe the information is available.

UIPasteboard *pasteboard = [UIPasteboard generalPasteboard];
textView.text = pasteboard.string;

Any Help would be much appreciated!

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instead of calling [pb string], you may want to use [pb dataForPasteboardType:@"public.rtf"].

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That doesn't seem to do what I want. I don't know where the user is pasting from. Have you used dataForPasteboardType before? Do you have a sample code? thanks for any help. –  user229923 Dec 18 '09 at 8:07

It might be "public.html" instead of "public.rtf". You should be able to iterate over the types available to see what the other app is putting into the pasteboard, then react accordingly.

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