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I'm using Play! 2.1.4 framework with Ebean/MySQL.

The system basically keeps track of courses, and their requirements. Eg, if you want to take Advanced Art, you must first take regular Art. This is a ManyToMany Relationship, as I understand, but I could be wrong.

Here's my model: @Entity public class Course {

public static Model.Finder<Long,Course> find = new Model.Finder<Long,Course>(Long.class, Course.class);

private Long id;

private String name;

@ManyToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL)
@JoinTable(         name = "course_course",
        joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "course_id1"),
        inverseJoinColumns = @JoinColumn(name = "course_id2"))
private Set<Course> courseRequirements = new HashSet<Course>();

private String availability;
private Long category;

private String description;

private String otherRequirements;

private Long bucketId;

// Getters and setters...

Here's how I return the JSON to my frontend:

   List<Course> courses = Ebean.find(Course.class).fetch("courseRequirements").findList();

    JsonContext jsonContext = Ebean.createJsonContext();
    return ok(jsonContext.toJsonString(courses));

However, in the "courseRequirements" key in the JSON, it opens up a new array with full course objects in it. I just want to get an array of the course IDs it requires, for example: courseRequirements: [3, 5] means that: this course requires you to take courses with ID 3 and 5 first.

I rewrote my getter to this: public Set getCourseRequirements() { Set requiredCourseIds = new HashSet();

    for(Course course : courseRequirements)
    return requiredCourseIds;

because I thought that Ebean will pull that when trying to fill in the JSON key, but that's not the case.

How can I change it so that it only returns an array of course IDs for the courseRequirements key, instead of full objects?


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Instead of toJsonString(Object o) you should use toJsonString(Object o, boolean pretty, JsonWriteOptions options).

With JsonWriteOptions "You can explicitly state which properties to include in the JSON output for the root level and each path."


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I looked at that, but how can I use it to change the value of the "coursePrerequisites" key to use the getter from the model? –  max1221 Sep 20 '13 at 2:07

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