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I have an AsyncTask that I call from the main thread, and I wish to pop a dialog out when it completes. Other than putting the dialog code in OnPostExecute(), is there a way where I can put it in the main activity code instead?


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Just write a function to showdialog anywhere in the activity and invoke it from onPostExecute(). Post your code pls to understand more. – prijupaul Sep 20 '13 at 1:40

You may use an interface for that. It is simple and forward: 1- create a new interface:

public interface IShowPopup {
    public void showPopup(String title, string message);

2 - implement that interface in your activity:

... MyActivity extends Activity implements IShowPopup {
        public void showPopup(String title, String message) {
            // create a DialogAlert here.
            AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(MyActivity.this);
            AlertDialog dialog = builder.create();

            // show dialog.

3 - in your task you keep an instance of the activity:

 ...MyTask extends AsyncTask<...> {
        private IShowPopup iShowPopup ;
        // get the interface from constructor.
        public MyTask(IShowPopup isp) {
            this.iShowPopup = isp;

4 - use the interface in your onPostExecute:

public void onPostExecute(??) {
    // get some title and message.
    iShowPopup.showPopup(title, message);

That should be it!

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