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OK possible noob question here: While learning Django, I thought it might be cool to explore telephony with Twilio. My immediate goal is to create a page with a button that, when clicked, causes a "Hello World" SMS to be sent to my phone. After sorting that out I have some ideas for cooler stuff.

I've completed several Django tutorials so far, and made a few little apps with simple views. But nothing I've learned has particularly shed any light on how to do something like this. I've also investigated (and installed) the Django-Twilio app and the Twilio Python Helper Library, but the docs for neither of these show how to send "hello world" SMS's.

Can anyone point out a resource that might show how to do this? Or, if it's trivially easy, just post some example code?

Edit in response to Kevin Burke:

Thanks for getting back to me, Kevin. After modifying my urls.py to include:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
# ...
url(r'^sms/$', 'django_twilio.views.sms', {
    'message': 'Hello world',
    'to': '+12223334444',
    'sender': '+18882223333',
    'status_callback': '/sms/completed/',
    }, name = 'send_message'),
# ...

and pointing my browser at

the following error arises:

Exception Type: TwimlException at /sms/
Exception Value: Invalid method parameter, must be 'GET' or 'POST'

Perhaps this is because I have failed to make appropriate modifications to the view. But I don't have a good way of figuring out what I'm doing wrong from the minimal examples in the tutorial. /Edit

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It's a little tricky to help out without knowing more about your situation. It's definitely possible to send "Hello World" using the twilio-python helper library, see for example twilio.com/docs/python/install, but without knowing where you are getting stuck it's tricky to offer more feedback. –  Kevin Burke Sep 23 '13 at 4:05

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Here's the official docs: django-twilio official docs. More specifically, read this part about sending SMS: Sending sms messages

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twilio employee here. The problem here is that the built in views for django_twilio run through a series of validation checks to make sure they're receiving content from twilio.com and only twilio.com. This is a security measure built into django-twilio.

There are two things you can do:

  1. Make sure your settings.DEBUG = True in your Django settings, this will turn off the validation. You can then send a cURL request on your local machine whilst it is running like this in your terminal:

    $ curl http://localhost:8000/sms/

    This should return some TWiML like so:

    <Response><Sms>Hello world</Sms></Response>
  2. When you're running this online and you want to do to test this, set up your twilio number to point to http://mywebsite.com/sms/ and text the number. Ensure that settings.DEBUG = False and you should get back a message.

If you have anymore problems, let me know.

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