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I made a composer.json script.

When I run sudo composer install, I get this error:

"./composer.json" does not contain valid JSON  
Parse error on line 1:                         
"repositories": [    {        "t               
Expected one of: 'EOF', '}', ',', ']'          

Here is the JSON:

"repositories": [
        "package": {
          "name": "AdamKyle/Aisis-Core",
          "source": {
              "url": "https://github.com/AdamKyle/Aisis-Core.git",
              "type": "git",
"require": {
    "AdamKyle/Aisis-Core": "development"

How can I get a better description of how this JSON is wrong?

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Your JSON is bad, Paste your JSON into this website: http://jsonlint.com/

It returns the error:

Parse error on line 1:
"repositories": [  
Expecting '{', '['

If you surround your entire JSON with a { at the beginning and } at very end, the invalid JSON becomes valid.

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