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I am working with Xcode 5 and created 3 icons

  • iphone-58.png
  • iPhone-80.png
  • iphone-120.png

When I created my projected I dragged and dropped these three icons into image.xcassets. see screenshot.

Now when I compile my project I get this error that 57x57 & 57x57@2x icons are missing. How do I add them? I don't see any spot in AppIcon section. What did I miss?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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You can choose the icon sets that are required. enter image description here

Notice on the right side there are options for the appicon sets. Choose whichever one you want to put.

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Thank you. You are right, I can add/remove by clicking on those check boxes. Your answer is marked. –  Sam B Sep 20 '13 at 18:34
This solved my problem. It's just weird xCode doesn't show the placeholder for this appIcons even they are requried. –  亚历山大 Dec 1 '14 at 9:24

Use Below steps

1 - Go to Project Navigator
2 - chose (click on) Images.xcassets File
3 - Click on APPIcon( Left Top Corner)
4 - Go to Attributes Inspector
5 - Chose what you want.

enter image description here


Thanks DamithH

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this jus easiest way to add :) ty –  Sunishtha Singh Apr 8 '14 at 14:25

I had to do this the hack job way.

  • Go to your project folder
  • navigate to Images.xcassets
  • navigate to AppIcon.appiconset
  • edit Contents.json file
  • add this

    { "images" : [ { "size" : "57x57", "idiom" : "iphone", "filename" : "iphone-57.png", "scale" : "1x" }, { "size" : "57x57", "idiom" : "iphone", "filename" : "iphone-114.png", "scale" : "2x" },
    { "size" : "29x29", "idiom" : "iphone", "filename" : "iphone-58.png", "scale" : "2x" }, { "size" : "40x40", "idiom" : "iphone", "filename" : "iphone-80.png", "scale" : "2x" }, { "size" : "60x60", "idiom" : "iphone", "filename" : "iphone-120.png", "scale" : "2x" } ], "info" : { "version" : 1, "author" : "xcode" } }

  • now copy your two icons and paste them in AppIcon.appiconset dir i.e. iphone-57.png & iphone-114.png

Either this is a xcode bug or apple has assumed none of the apps made in xcode 5 will ever run on iphone 4 or lower or ios 6 or there has to be an easier way

enter image description here

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i have a logo png image 500dpi how to use it inImages.xcassets –  Sunishtha Singh Apr 8 '14 at 14:24

The right panel (where are the icons) is bigger than Xcode screen sometimes, but the panel doesn't have a scroll. Try to hide both Navigator and Utilities to have more room for the main content.

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I did, I maxed out my screen and still there was nothing there. I had to do it the hack job way which I will post here –  Sam B Sep 20 '13 at 3:03

My designer uses makeappicon.com, so I get a neat AppIcon.appiconset dir that I just need to drag into Images.xcassets.

Using this service you can get Android cuts as well.

And it's free.

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it takes less than 60 seconds to resize icons in photoshop. Also I don't trust other websites with my data. Who knows what they will do with it. If there was a stand alone program that I can install on my mac that would do the same resize then that is better. –  Sam B Oct 31 '14 at 14:49
@SamBudda, while I do appreciate your "hackerz in my data, stealing my iconz" concerns, I would like to point out that any hacker interested in your icon design is more likely to just grab it from the App Stroe. –  Vaiden Nov 1 '14 at 17:54
Wow les then 60 seconds, why would I use a free instant service if I could just spend 15 minutes in photoshop which I don't really want to install on my laptop. Also you can just resize using preview which is just as simple but doesn't require a massive application :). –  Mathijs Segers Mar 18 at 15:37
If you like the answer please vote for it –  Vaiden Mar 19 at 16:36

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