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I'm creating an Android Library Project, and I have a class in which the programmer has to pass an R.layout.some_layout, to the instance, in which some view should have an @+id/text

So the idea is that I create an XML layout file, I add a view with an "text" as its ID, and after I instantiate the class I use object.setLayout(R.layout.some_layout);

In the definition of the class there is something like this:

public void setLayout(int layoutId) {
    View view = findViewById(; // error here cause of the

The problem is that since it's a library project, my doesn't have an, so it marks an error on that line. Any ideas of how to do this?

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There must be an error in one of your xml file

Kindly check your xml may be some syntax error remain with the xml file which is preventing to create complete


Clean & Rebuild your project and also you can Restart IDE if problem remains

enter image description here

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I currently don't have any XML file, as I said I'm building a library. – Christopher Francisco Sep 20 '13 at 3:53
@ChristopherFrancisco then skip checking clean rebuild restart – Anonymous Mohit Sep 20 '13 at 17:01

Did you check if your file was generated correctly? If not, please clean build your library project and check again.

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