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I facing a problem that i just created a in-role decicated cache + cache session state as follow on this manual, somehow i did success to deploy and running successfully providing with one worker role named dedicatedcahce and web role with 2 instance named webapp_0 and webapp_1.

After i do the first login and do some process, it obviously redirect and processed on webapp_0(i monitor it using remote desktop). After that, i purposely roboot the webapp_0 and see rather its will redirect to webapp_1 or not.

The result is, my webpage will stuck on webapp_0 and always in waiting mode until i close the browser and reopen and relogin.

Can anyone point out whats going wrong? what did i miss? is that required any other configuration not mentioned as above link?

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What do you mean by "in waiting mode"? –  mcollier Sep 20 '13 at 16:16
@mcollier, its actually sort kind of not responding. status bar is 'Waiting for ....' but somehow after i comment out this <!--<localCache isEnabled="true" sync="TimeoutBased" objectCount="100000" ttlValue="300" />--> section, its work fine. do you know what this cause? –  Worgon Sep 24 '13 at 6:56
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