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maybe my title was too long but, it's exactly what happens. Here's a visual:

1) Connect to Facebook: http://www.otleylogic.com/screenshots/08-0d6l4kKpfG.png

2) Authorize window pops up: http://www.otleylogic.com/screenshots/09-FqjW67tZfs.png

3) Facebook detects the user is using facebook as Page, goes to roadblock.php to switch to personal: http://www.otleylogic.com/screenshots/10-DLAqcoNTTX.png

4) User switches to Personal, then facebook redirects them to home.php instead of continuing with authorization: http://www.otleylogic.com/screenshots/11-t9ifpRH7Y9.png

Everything works fine if they're using facebook under their personal account. Anyone run into this before?

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