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There aren't much examples of complex Buildbot configurations. So I have three slaves. I configured a build to run on them. For example:


This builder runs for an hour or so. What will happen is that it will launch one builder on, say, "eng-n1". Then a bit later it will launch another one on "eng-n2", while the build on "eng-n1" is still running. Is there any way to make sure that the current build must finish before the next build is started, even on a different slave? I tried to use the lock, but it didn't work for some reason.

Thank you.

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Whith the lock you can limit the number of concurrent builds per slave, If I understand correctly you want to leave the other two slaves idle while the first one is running? Are these slaves in the same machine? If yes you'd probably be better setting up all three builds in just one slave (so you can use the locks) If not you can have a look to Triggerable and Dependant schedulers –  hithwen Apr 30 at 8:11

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