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So I have an app that plays a video. And I have a time sync server for setting the datetime of the device. It seems that whenever I call SystemClock.setCurrentTimeMillis(millis) the video stops.

I am using object to play the video? Has anyone else experienced this? I was planning on creating a watchdog thread that just monitors the current duration. But just wanted to know if anyone had come across this already?

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Yes, I came across the same situation on some devices. Probably hardware libs use the system time clock in the in decoding or av sync implementation; it happens. Only solution on those devices was to stop/restart the MediaPlayer. But it probably depends on the implementation of the lower levels.

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It seems we only have problems with mpeg 4, MediaPlayer works with mpeg-1/2 videos. – user1434177 Sep 23 '13 at 0:06

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