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I'm using input via redirection. I'm trying to store numbers from a string to an integer.

The first number is 1989... however only '1' gets stored. Am I using strtol wrong?

table is an array of structs

value is an array of integers.

//(*row, i, j) = 0

while((c = fgetc(stdin)) != EOF)
    if (c != ' ' && c != '\n')
        str[i] = c;

    else if (c == ' ')
        str[i] = '\0';
        i = 0;
        table[*row].value[j] = strtol(str, NULL, strlen(str));

This code works and it does go into the else if after it reads in 1989... but for some reason strtol is only storing '1' instead of storing '1989'.

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please have a look on strtol syntax. –  Dayal rai Sep 20 '13 at 6:49

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Yes you are using it wrong. The last argument is the base of the number to parse. For normal decimal numbers that should be 10. See e.g. this reference.

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Thanks alot. I read it wrong. Much appreciated. –  juice Sep 20 '13 at 7:07

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