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I have been trying to wrap my head around fold_left and fold_right. As practice, I have been trying to rewrite a lot of functions in fold_left and fold_right to strengthen my knowledge. For instance, in finding the average of a list, I would calculate the sum and the length of the list using folds.

let sum_l xs = List.fold_left (fun x y -> x + y) 0 xs;;
let len_l xs = List.fold_left (fun x _ -> x + 1) 0 xs;;

And then I would move on to find the average. Here is my question. Is it possible to both these values in one single fold_left? How should I write the anonymous function? Thanks!

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You just have to use a pair as your accumulator:

# let sum_and_len xs = List.fold_left (fun (s,l) x -> s+x, l+1) (0,0) xs;;
val sum_and_len : int list -> int * int = <fun>
# sum_and_len [0;1;2;3];;
- : int * int = (6, 4)
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