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i have a working DLL where i have one function to add arrays to a list and another function that shows all list-arrays in a ZED-Graph-diagram. All arrays have the same size. Currently the x-axis is shown in points from 0 to 1024. Question is: What do i have to change to display the x-axis in time?

I have the value "Intervall" (time between two points) that i can pass into the function.

Thanks for the help.

Here is what i have so far:

public void AddGraph(double[] Values, string LegendName)
        int i = 0;
        PointPairList list = new PointPairList();
        for (i = 0; i < Values.Length; i++)
            list.Add(i, Values[i]);

        if (i > MaxXAxis)
            MaxXAxis = i;


    public void ShowDiagram(string Title, string XAxisName, string YAxisName, int Timeout_ms)

        ZedGraph.ZedGraphControl zgc = new ZedGraphControl();
        GraphPane myPane = zgc.GraphPane;
        LineItem myCurve = null;

        // Set the titles and axis labels
        myPane.Title.Text = Title;
        myPane.XAxis.Title.Text = XAxisName;
        myPane.YAxis.Title.Text = YAxisName;

        for (int i = 0; i < SList.Count(); i++)
            myCurve = myPane.AddCurve(SListName[i], SList[i], SListColor[i], SymbolType.None);
            myCurve.Line.Width = 2;

        // Add gridlines to the plot, and make them gray
        myPane.XAxis.MinorGrid.IsVisible = true;
        myPane.YAxis.MinorGrid.IsVisible = true;
        myPane.XAxis.MinorGrid.Color = Color.LightGray;
        myPane.YAxis.MinorGrid.Color = Color.LightGray;
        myPane.XAxis.MinorGrid.DashOff = 0;
        myPane.YAxis.MinorGrid.DashOff = 0;

        myPane.XAxis.MajorGrid.IsVisible = true;
        myPane.YAxis.MajorGrid.IsVisible = true;
        myPane.XAxis.MajorGrid.Color = Color.Gray;
        myPane.YAxis.MajorGrid.Color = Color.Gray;
        myPane.XAxis.MajorGrid.DashOff = 0;
        myPane.YAxis.MajorGrid.DashOff = 0;

        // Move Legend to buttom
        myPane.Legend.Position = LegendPos.Bottom;


        myPane.XAxis.Scale.Max = MaxXAxis;

        zgc.Location = new Point(0, 0);
        zgc.Size = new Size(panel_diagramm.ClientRectangle.Width, panel_diagramm.ClientRectangle.Height);


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This is my first time posting so I apologize for not putting it in a better format. The following allows you to setup your x-axis to display time:

        myPane.XAxis.Type = AxisType.Date;
        myPane.XAxis.Title.Text = "Time (HH:MM:SS)";
        myPane.XAxis.Scale.Format = "HH:mm:ss";
        myPane.XAxis.Scale.MajorUnit = DateUnit.Minute;
        myPane.XAxis.Scale.MinorUnit = DateUnit.Minute;
        myPane.XAxis.Scale.Min = DateTime.Now.Subtract(new TimeSpan(0, 0, 10, 0, 0).ToOADate();
        myPane.XAxis.Scale.Max = DateTime.Now.ToOADate();
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