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This is my sql so far:

   END ),

However this only brings back RU records that have been changed to 0 and not any other records divided by 100. I have read that you cant have two fields in a CASE expression, which would explain why I am only getting one result. So I am wondering does anyone have any ideas how I can do this efficiently?

The rest of the query is a basic select statement using openquery.

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For starters I would change the RPDCT!='RU' to RPDCT<>'RU'. Also, it's difficult to help when there is only one part of a statement to look at. Just post the actual query, it may not be this line that's the problem. –  twoleggedhorse Sep 20 '13 at 8:14
@twoleggedhorse I know that it is this line that is the problem, the rest of the statement is a basic select using open query. If I took this statement out it would show a variet of RPDCT records. Also I know that using <> does not make a difference to my query as I have tried it to make sure that the results are the same. TY for responding. –  NeverEnding Sep 20 '13 at 8:19

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