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I am fetching all the mails from exhange server using EWS and showing in a grid. When a user clicks on the mail i have to fetch all the details from the server and show. How to fetch a specific mail from exchange server using its conversationId or any unique id.

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You can use messageid which is unique to every email.You can then use the messageid to find the mailitem that u r looking from the entire list of emails in the mailbox(assuming u already have the code to get all the emails from a mailbox using EWS ,which u use to populate the grid view).

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This should do what you are after:

// Assuming you already know what the ItemId is
ItemId i;

// Defines the properties returned for the EmailMessage, can also add ExtendedProperties to this.
PropertySet ps = PropertySet.FirstClassProperties;

// Accesing all properties
EmailMessage mail = EmailMessage.Bind(
    new ItemId(i.UniqueId), 

Note that the ItemId changes if the EmailMessage has moved folders, so you may get a ServiceResponseException with the ErrorCode of ServiceError.ErrorItemNotFound

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