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I want to generate a column full of input text boxes inside a table.

At present, i generate my table dynamically from C# through StringBuilder.

sb.Append("<tr><td>" + item[0].ToString() + "</td><td>" + item[1].ToString() + 
    "</td><td>" + item[2].ToString() + "</td><td>" + item.GetString(3) + "</td><td>" + 
    item.GetDecimal(4) + "</td><td>"+ "<input type=\"text\" class=\"input-mini\" 
    columns=\"1\" name=\"ids\" ID= 'textbox" + i + "' /></td></tr>");

I understand that i can get the input values via jquery and pass it to C# method, but is there a more simpler way to achieve the same?

EDIT: To show Form Handling

for (int element = 0; element <= totalelements; j++)
    toList.Add(Request.Form["'textbox" + element + "'"]);

.aspx page (This button's visibility is toggled by a div)

<asp:Button runat="server" CssClass="btn" Height="27px" Width="190px" OnClick="doSomething" ID="do" Text="Send" />
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ajax using Jquery is the simplest way... – Kiranramchandran Sep 20 '13 at 10:05
@musefan I mean, posting the values back and retrieving at the server. Sorry for not being clear. – Naraen Sep 20 '13 at 10:05
@Naraen: How are you posting? Form post, or AJAX post? You should include either you server side POST handling code, or your javascript AJAX code – musefan Sep 20 '13 at 10:07

If you want to handle dynamic textboxes on the server side after a form post then firstly you need to change your HTML to use unique name values, for example:


ID attributes will not be used when a form is submitted.

Then, server side you can access the elements using Request.Form["elementName"]. If you know the number of dynamic elements you have, then do it like this:

for(int i = 0; i < numberOfElements; i++)
    string textValue = Request.Form["textbox" + i].ToString();
    //do something with text value

If you don't know the number of elements, you can do it like this:

int i = 0;
    var textBox = Request.Form["textbox" + i];
    if(textBox == null)//ran out of textbox elements to process

    string textValue = textBox.ToString();
    //do something with text value

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