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I'm having trouble with a carousel. I want to add a pause or a stop event to a carousel. I already have built a slider, on the left side you have a navigation page for the sliders. The slider starts automatically, I want it to stop if I choose a slide manually

Here's my code:

Thanks for any hints.

                    jQuery(this).on('click', function(){
                        return false;
                var swidth = jQuery(this).width(); 
                            .width(swidth +'px !important')
                                   .css({display:'block', float:'left'})
                        width: "100%",
                        height: "variable",
                        items: {
                            visible: 1,
                            height: "auto"
                        scroll: {
                        fx          : "crossfade",
                        duration    : 5000,
                                    onAfter:function(data) {
                                    var p = jQuery(this).parents('.csc-slider');
                                    var i = p.find('.pager>a.selected').index();
                        auto: {
                                pauseOnHover: "resume",
                                pauseOnEvent: true,
                                timeoutDuration: 5000,

                        prev: {
                            button: jQuery($images).parents('.csc-slider').find('.prev'),
                        next: {
                            button: jQuery($images).parents('.csc-slider').find('.next'),
                        pagination: jQuery($images).parents('.csc-slider').find('.pager'),

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You can add a click event to navigation buttons to stop the auto scrolling:

$(".slider-pages .prev, .slider-pages .next, .slider-nav a").click(function(){
        carouFredselObject.trigger("configuration", {auto: false});
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