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I am trying to use delegating constructors in Visual Studio 2012. The following code compiles in Xcode 4.6 but not in Visual Studio 2012:

In the .h file

class ErrorReportDlg : public QDialog

    ErrorReportDlg(OwlExceptionPtr ex, QWidget *parent);
    ErrorReportDlg(QWidget *parent);

    virtual ~ErrorReportDlg();

In the .cpp file

// FWIW, OwlExceptionPtr is 
// typdef boost::shared_ptr<OwlException> OwlExceptionPtr

ErrorReportDlg::ErrorReportDlg(OwlExceptionPtr ex, QWidget *parent)
    : QDialog(parent),
    // stuff

ErrorReportDlg::ErrorReportDlg(QWidget *parent)
    : ErrorReportDlg(OwlExceptionPtr(), parent) // <--- error here
    // do nothing

The error I'm getting is:

error C2437: 'ErrorReportDlg' : already initialized

What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

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Try Visual Studio 2013 –  Neil Kirk Sep 20 '13 at 12:05

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As per MSDN, VS 2012 doesn't support delegating constructors out of the box.

You get delegating constructors (and a bunch of other C++11 features) when you install the November 2012 CTP (Compiler Technical Preview). After installing, switch your project to use the CTP as its toolset (via Project properties), and you're set.

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Thank you, this link had me confused: stackoverflow.com/questions/14432802/… –  Addy Sep 20 '13 at 10:41
@Addy You never mentioned in the question whether you have the CTP installed. Do you? And if so, are you using it as your toolset? –  Angew Sep 20 '13 at 10:46
I did not have it set as my toolset. Once I did that, it worked. Now to figure out how to make that my toolset through CMake. Thank you! –  Addy Sep 20 '13 at 11:28
@Addy cmake ... -T "the string VS uses to identify the toolset" .... Requires CMake 2.8.11 or later. –  Angew Sep 20 '13 at 12:18

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